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Jlu Justice League U...
Jlu Justice League Unlimited 72 Mint In Package Rare Figures Mattel


JLU 7-pack (Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Johnny
Thunder, Thunderbolt w/stand, Dr. Mid-Nite, Speedy,
The Creeper) 2-Packs Darkseid & KalibakParademons
3-Packs JSA: The Flash, Green Lantern,
Hawkman Adam Strange, Animal Man & Star ManJustice
Lords: Wonder Woman,Superman, Batman Green
Lanterns: Katma Tui, Kyle Raynor, Arkis
ChummuckHuntress, Atom, Batman Black Canary, Joker,
Batman 4-Packs Shazam! Family: Black Adam, Shazam,
Mary Batson, The Wizard Legion of Super Heroes:
Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Brainiac
5 Gotham City Criminals: Clock King, Bane, Harley
Quinn, Scarecrow Justice Guild: Green Guardsman,
Black Siren, Tom Turbine, The Streak Doom Patrol:
Negative Man, Robotman, Elasti-Girl, Mento
Singles Brainiac w/weaponCaptain Atom w/energy
blast Martian ManhunterMister Terrific
w/tspheresOMAC w/ spearPower Ring w/constructRed
Tornado w/twisterSuperman future w/StarroVixen
w/clawsSTRIPE bigger size 6-Packs Criminals: Devil
Ray, Dr. Polaris, The Ghost of Gentleman Jim, Lex
Luthor, Psycho Pirate, Tala JLU: Mr.Terrific,
Supergirl (adult), Elongated Man, Obsidian,
Superman, Hourman

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Item #: 6897
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Last updated: January 27, 2012
Item: Whole Collection
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Condition: New
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Shipping insurance: Not offered
Handling time: 3 Days
Comments: 5% of profits will go towards
supporting an orphanage at the end
of the year. I am selling all my DC
and Marvel collections. I just had
my first child, thus I am in need
to free some space and close up
shop and would appreciate any help
from anyone interested in buying my
toys and comics. I have 10,000
comics I can send an Excel
spreadsheet of. My toys are shown
in the photos page on Facebook.
Please contact me with questions or
for an order through


you and feel free to pass the list


/> I am selling my collections of
all DC and Marvel toys, comics,
dvds, trading cards. Everything!
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