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Leather Puppet/ Kri...
Leather Puppet/ Krishna


LEATHER PUPPETSPuppetry is a very ancient form of
theatre in India. Historians refer to puppets as old
as civilization. They find reference in ancient
Ashokan rock edicts ( third century B.C), the great
epics and several literary works.With change in
modes of entertainment, puppetry has taken a back
seat and the traditional craftsmen have now
diversified their leather crafts into utility items
like lamp shades, toys, wall decors and hangings,
etc… almost the same leather puppets are created
in various sizes to suit the needs of wall decors
rather than puppets for the puppeteers.These flat
figures are usually made from goat or sheep hide.
Earlier deer hide was used for noble characters like
the gods and goddesses while demons and other
characters were created from goat, sheep, camel,
donkey and buffalo hide. Currently only sheep and
goat hides are used to create leather puppets in
various sizes, ranging from massive life size
puppets to as small as two feet ! The different
parts of the body are prepared separately and joined
together to facilitate movement, expression and
gesticulation. The raw hide is treated with a
solution of salt or caustic soda and then dried.
After outlining the contours with hand brush, it is
painted with deep colours extracted from plants and
rocks – brilliant red, green, white, yellow,
brown and orange. These colours are so well
absorbed that they last for more than a lifetime.The
traditional puppets a bit dark but its beauty is
revealed when it is seen in the backdrop of
candlelight or any other source of light. However,
craftsmen these days also create white leather base
and even use synthetic paints to bring out beautiful
puppets that appeals to the eye.THEME ? The
rectangular cut out painting (equally good from both
sides) shows Krishna playing the flute. The word
Krishna refers to “dark”, indicating the supreme
consciousness. He is the 8th avatar or incarnation
of Vishnu who was born in a prison. He is safely
carried out by his father Basudeva and allowed to
grow in the countryside among the cowherds. One of
the most widely worshipped gods, he is depicted as
ever smiling, lotus eyed god with garland of flowers
around his neck. He appears blue in colour, dons a
yellow robe and wears a peacock feather in his hair.
After slaying his wicked uncle, Krishna ruled from
the city of Dwarka and later joined the Mahabharata
war by joining the Pandavas. He is a favorite
subject of artists who show him as killing demons,
stealing butter or dallying with the gopis or
winning the heart of beautiful Radha.SIZE 34 cms
x 23 cms

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