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Coollectors Values

Coollectors Values:

The Coollectors™ Community is an online community of Collecors, Buyers, Sellers and simply people from around the globe who love the World of Collections.

Coollectors allows its community members to Buy, Sell, Swap and Catalog their Collectibles while connecting with other members.

We cherish our community and invest great efforts in maintaining a safe and a pleasant environment upon the community and its members.

The Coollectors Community is guided by the following core values:

1. All members of the Coollectors community are unique individuals with good intentions of expanding their involvement in a collecting field.

2. All members of the Coollectors community should be treated and treat each other with respect, fairness and honesty.
3. The activities of the Coollectors community members including their publications and/or correspondences on site should not harm in any way and/or hurt the feelings of any other member of the community.

4. All members' of the Coollectors community will make their best efforts to resolve any dispute arising between them, in good faith.

5. Coollectors will interfere with the actions of its members on the site as minimum as possible and only as a last resort. 

Should you feel that any of Coollectors members is violating Coollectors values or terms of use, please contact us at: