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Warli Painting
Warli Painting


WARLIS Warli painting derives its name from the
tribal people sharing the rugged foothills of the
Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra. Closely
resembling the primitive cave paintings, these white
line works of art represent the simple folk symbols
that are bold and easy strokes with amazing
rhythmical execution. The beauty of the Warli
painting lies in its basic life patterns and they
are best admired among the thatched mud huts (bereft
of windows!) around harvest time, weddings or
births. The Warli art gives us a unique insight to
visualize how people, unaffected by
‘civilization’ perceive and relate to the world
around them. These uncluttered paintings seem to
anchor the events of the past, portray the stillness
of the present and explore the possibilities of the
future. Warli life is dominated by the rigors of
farming and their paintings reflect their agrarian
life and belief. They revere their corn goddess,
Kansari, responsible for rich harvest. Other gods
worshipped are the cow and earth, besides others
forces of nature like cloud, rain and lightning –
all factors responsible for a bountiful harvest.
Most of these paintings include the human activities
in harmony with nature, the daily chores of live and
living, fertility symbols amid wedding festivities
and celebration. Painting the walls was once
exclusive domain of the Sivasinis or the women whose
husbands are alive. The painting surface is first
prepared with mud plaster followed by cow dung and
then again a coat of red mud, which leaves behind an
austere brown surface once, it dries up. White (
created from rice paste) was the only color used
for painting with occasional, rather auspicious dots
in yellow and red. Today the Warlis are no longer
in isolation and their contact with urban landscape
has resulted in paintings by men. They are adept in
creating wonderful pieces of Warli painting by using
the modern white poster color to recreate their
little walls on small pieces of canvas or brown
paper much sought after by the citizens of the

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